XXIII International Congress 2017


An international Congress is a magnum event par excellence for our Gnostic Institute of Anthropology.

Attending the congresses means participating in a real mystical agape from which we nourish by the food for the soul and consciousness; they are feasts the master have prepared, from the superior worlds, for the good of the gnostic people and the grieving humankind.

These events are great cosmic events, where the whole gnostic people are convened to fraternize, share and live together around the Christ and during which, the forces of the Christ are present more intensively.

Do not forget that during a congress the Master said in a lecture:

“You, Gnostic students do not understand what a Cosmic event like this is really like. If only, one day, you understood what a congress is like, but, even if you do not understand, try to attend the congresses”.


Interview to Mr Osiris during the Congress in the city of Mexico in 2004.

What is the significance of an International Gnostic Congress?

“They are really important because they generate opportunities for living together at a global level, among all gnostic brethren. Really, we all reunite, talk, get to know each other and we will all receive the mystic force that is present during the congress.

The purpose of congresses is to give force and spiritual aid as well as setting the basis of knowledge, mainly on those places where the congresses take place. This is the help that Masters Samael and Litelantes and the master of the white lodge give us so as to strengthen the IGA around the world.

Congresses were introduced by V.M . Samael to give us force, to the gnostic people and V.M Litelanes continued with these events, pointing out their significance. She thought it is necessary for all gnostic students to understand that congresses are not mere social meetings, but they are part of a strategy the Venerable Masters and the White Lodge have stablished for the good of human kind”

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