Gnostic Institute of Anthropology

The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology is not just another school but a vehicle to transmit the Gnosis of the past, today and always. A mere transmission body of the gnostic teachings given by Venerable Master Samael Aum Weor.

The Gnostic institute of Anthropology is the initiator of the new era of deep psychological changes; it is an institution made up of men and women that have taken the task of revolutionizing themselves, looking for their own self-realization.

The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology is not profit oriented. Its purpose if for everybody, regardless of their social standing, culture, age, sex, race or creed to benefit for these teachings.

Its purposes are the following:

  • Fostering the study of the Gnostic teachings, with a view to helping all human beings interested in their own development physically, intellectually, culturally, morally and spiritually by means of psychological, philosophical and scientific practices.
  • Holding lectures, congresses, conventions and meeting on a regular basis both at an international and national level and spreading the principles of the Gnostic knowledge.
  • Carrying out anthropological research to understand the common principles of all the peoples, cultures and religions in the world.
  • Looking after to preserve the Gnostic values in their true essence.
  • Editing and preserving the integrity of the written and oral work of Samael Aun Weor.
  • Working for the benefit of humankind, encouraging solidarity, fraternity and the union of all human beings without distinction.


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