Post congress tour

We invite you to meet again during these seven days of the congress and go on to discover the sacred teaching through a journey to the Big Island…. Rapa Nui.

Welcome brethren of the world!





In the pyramids of Egypt, in the advanced astronomy of the Mayan culture, in the mysterious narrative of India or right here in the mythic Easter Island, one can find evidence of times that go beyond the present knowledge, always empiric, of the scholars. All of this has given rise to speculation and theories coming from the most diverse streams, which have kept this grieving human kind in a state of uncertainty.

RAPA NUI (big island) or TE PITO O TE HENÚA (the navel of the world), this is how the Easter Island is addressed to. However, although what we have mentioned before is common knowledge all around the world, the elderly wise men of the island say that there exists an even more sacred name by which it is addressed to: TE PITO KURA (the navel of light or navel that heals), whose physical representation is found in the same island in AHU (sanctuary or throne) by this same name and where one can also find one of most spectacular Moai in weight and size (10 meters high and 70 tones).

Curiously, 40 meters away, to le left of this AHU a huge rock in the shape of an egg is located; it is completely polished and surrounded by a wall of stones and by other four stones that together have the shape of an imaginary square and also the shape of an X.





The legend has it that the Ariki Hotu Mutua’a, the first king of the Rapa Nui dynasty, arrived in the Easter Island taking with him a huge stone carrying the manna (spiritual power granted by the Gods).

So far we can tell some semantic, anthropological, archeological and mystical synchronization with other civilizations and peoples that arrived later.

As Master Samel Aun Weor said:

Gnostic Anthropology is a psychoanalytical anthropology. By means of Psycho-analysis we can draw from each piece, niche, pyramid, tomb, etc the psychological principles those pieces show


Master Samael suggests the basic principle, thanks to him we can grasp the spiritual elements contained in those mysterious messages from the Easter Island in the South Pacific : meditation.

We can find more hints in one of the Master’s books, which we should take into consideration to start our research;  we ultimately will be able to understand them if we are in the proper state of consciousness.

In that book he reveals what follows:

 “It is obvious that the Miocene had its own scenery in the ancient Lemuria. Yet, let reflex on it a little bit. Where was The Lemuria located? In the Pacific Ocean, that is obvious. It used to cover a vast area of that sea. Throughout ten years of earthquakes it sank little by little in the rough waters of the Pacific Ocean. But the remains of the Lemuria stayed in Oceania, Australia and the Easter island, etc




The once continent Mu or Lemuria, after its sinking in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, left the mythical Easter Island and makes us recall an intimate and cosmic event, key to future humankinds and to our current lives. Mu, lands still remembered among the ancient wise men from Cusco such as Hatum- Pachamama, mother land.

Brethren, in this host land we will have the opportunity to have access in the physical plane to hermetic aspects that still remain in Rapa Nui, God willing. We will also have the chance to consider that in some way it is a land from which we once went into exile.

 ¡Iorana! See you soon in Rapa Nui.

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